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Statement of Principles

At Springfield Infant School we believe that a successful Behaviour Policy depends on good communications and positive relationships between children, staff and parents. The policy is intended to provide our children with the security necessary to maximise their opportunities for development and learning and ensure that there is equality of opportunity for everyone, regardless of their differences. Our philosophy clearly establishes that all forms of anti-social behaviour, including bullying and harassment, victimisation, disruption and damage to property, are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. We are committed to eliminating discrimination and promoting the welfare of children.  The Governors and all members of staff are committed to maintaining this approach throughout the school.

The whole school community should know and understand the school’s behaviour agreement, the rules and reasons for them, together with the school’s practice of sanctions and rewards. As we are working in partnership with parents and carers, we wish them to know what the school expects and encourage them to support our aims.

At Springfield we will:

  • promote inclusion and outstanding behaviour;
  • set guidelines which promote outstanding behaviour and learning in school, thus allowing the school to function as a cohesive unit;
  • provide children with the environment and skills to be independent, resilient and resourceful;
  • encourage children to take responsibility for their own behaviour and actions;
  • develop children’s sense of self-esteem;
  • promote the aspects of outstanding practice which lead to the incidence of poor behaviour being removed;
  • agree a consistent approach for dealing with children whose behaviour is causing concern;
  • improve school attendance and punctuality
  • remove all bullying, discrimination, harassment and victimisation
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