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Welcome to Frogs Class

We are Frog Class

Our class teacher is Miss Manvell. Our Learning Assistant is Mrs Porter. Frog Class is a great place to be where everyone works hard, tries their best and never gives up. We are remarkable readers and we really enjoy Miss Manvell’s story of the day.

Spring 1 Term

Frog Class have been enjoying their out of this world topic, ‘A Journey to the Moon’ so far this term and have found out lots of amazing facts about The Space Race. The children have felt very inspired by the famous artist Vincent van Gogh and have used their own interpretation to recreate The Starry Nights painting through an individual landscape and a collaborative piece.

The children have also been working very hard in English looking at poetic features, identifying them and then using them within their own writing. Furthermore, the children have enjoyed researching about Neil Armstrong who was the first man to land on the moon, as well as finding out about John McAdam who invented tarmac. Additionally, in maths the children have been working hard using their place value knowledge for addition and subtraction. What great mathematicians they are!

Autumn Term

We have been demonstrating our school ‘I CAN’ values fantastically in class and around school. In our art lessons, we have been ‘creative camels’ and have produced some wonderful African animal collages and animal portraits linked to our topic an ‘African Safari’. In addition to this, we have developed our ‘paint blowing’ technique to create stunning African animal silhouette pictures. We really are amazing artists in Frogs! Please see the pictures below.

In our maths lessons, we have been ‘ambitious ants’ and have learnt how to compare numbers using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. Additionally, we have been investigating 2-digit numbers and comparing them based on how many tens and ones each number has. Please have a look at our marvellous maths below.

In our English lessons, we have been on an African adventure with Sunny the meerkat from the book Meerkat Mail, by Emily Gravett. We have learnt about conjunctions and have begun creating our very own recounts in role as Sunny. We have had lots of fun exploring this text by using drama and music to help us with our learning journey. Please enjoy looking at our pictures below.

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